Compatible with all major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Rippey offers PVAc brush products designed for specific applications, cleaning requirements, and cost-of-ownership targets


Processed under the same conditions and quality standards as brushes, PVAc wipers offer unique advantages over alternative products for contamination control

Custom Solutions

3D modeling and rapid prototyping of molds and assemblies for a variety of applications; from critical cleaning and drying to hygienic material handling and packaging


Designed to act as a barrier between the typical cleanroom glove and the brush, PVAc gloves minimize cross-contamination and reduce unexpected brush break-in issues after installation

Tools and Systems

A fully equipped plastics machine shop enables support of existing products and facilitates the design and fabrication of efficient handling and processing systems for new PVAc cleaning products




Def. noun. Post-CMP systems that Rippey brushes are compatible with.


Def. noun. Combination of raw materials and polymer cross-linking processes that determine the physical properties of a brush.


Def. verb. Process flow that defines the brushes assembly characteristics, micro-cleanliness level, surface properties, and quality requirements.