Product Applications
• 32nm advanced post-CMP applications
• High-k/Metal Gate
• Cu-Ultra Low-k
nanoShear Technology
nanoShear technology eliminates movement on the mandrel and vibration at high speeds. The versatility nanoShear technology is available in all Rippey commercially available formulations and customer specific nodule designs. Efficiency of nanoShear technology provides superior brush uniformity which improves cleaning efficiency and consistency. ::
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 nanoShear’s engineered thermoplastic mandrel makes it strong and stable for consistent torque.

 nanoShear’s engineered mandrel was designed with large holes for consistent liquid distribution.

 nanoShear’s integral assembly allows the PVA brush to be fitted to the mandrel without adhesives or additives.

 Rippey’s factory break-in simulates fab break-in. This results in a 50% -75% reduction in brush change time.