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For over 26 years, ITW Rippey has been the leader in critical cleaning applications in the semiconductor industry. Now ITW Rippey Corporation offers a product solution to eliminate the need for PVA brush loading on your OnTrak tool . . . ITW Rippey Microclean QuickTrak™.

Rippey Microclean QuickTrak™ is comprised of a disposable polypropylene mandrel and a Rippey Symmetry™ PVA brush. The patented mandrel design is modeled to match the flow-through characteristics of the standard OnTrak mandrel and meets the tool's wafer cleaning performance specifications. The QuickTrak™ mandrel is fabricated through a cost-effective injection molding process and following its use on the OnTrak tool, the polypropylene is recyclable to minimize fab waste costs.

The installation of the ITW Rippey Microclean Symmetry™ PVA brush is preformed on a specially designed tool within ITW Rippey's cleanroom environment. The automated installation process ensures a properly installed PVA brush, which is critical to enhanced wafer cleaning performance on the tool. The QuickTrak™ solution eliminates bunching or twisting of the material that can occur with manual installation and reduces the potential for contamination or damage to the PVA brush as fab personnel no longer have to remove a used brush and reinstall a new brush. The Microclean Symmetry™ PVA brush is installed perfectly on the QuickTrak™ disposable mandrel each and every time following the guidelines of ITW Rippey ISO manufacturing procedures. Following the installation of the PVA brush onto the QuickTrak disposable mandrel, the product is double-ba™gged in class 10 cleanroom bags, sealed, and labeled for delivery to your fab.

The Quicktrak™ product solution is designed to provide semiconductor manufacturers with distinct improvement for their post-CMP cleaning processes. The reduction in labor costs and the potential for reduced contamination from PVA brush handling during the change-out process is critical to advancing wafer cleaning operations.









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