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ITW Rippey
Microclean F2™

Next-Generation Technology Designed To Meet Advanced Process Applications For
Cu Post-CMP Cleaning

The ITW Rippey Microclean F2™ PVA product line has been designed to meet the ever-increasing industry needs for cleanliness requirements in advanced semiconductor device manufacturing processes. The fabrication of integrated circuits utilizing low-K and copper technology requires materials specifically designed to meet critical cleaning requirements in the removal of films and particulates to the sub 0.10 micron level. This next-generation PVA material is compatible with the industry standard chemistries utilized in these manufacturing operations and provides semiconductor chip makers with the ability to further the advancement of microprocessor performance levels.

ITW Rippey Microclean F2™ PVA products are manufactured at the company’s California facility utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies with computer controlled processes for environmental, contamination and process control. The entire manufacturing process is ISO 9001:2000 certified with all materials utilized in the formulation and production adhering to strict specifications to ensure consistency on a volume production scale.

ITW Rippey Microclean F2™ PVA products are manufactured using a unique formulation and process that results in optimized physical properties of the final material. These properties include an advanced open cell structure that reduces microscratching and decreases brush loading effects.

F2’s advanced physical properties provide manufacturers the potential to increase PVA brush lifetime on their cleaning tools and the ability to optimize chemistry formulations to improve their critical cleaning processes.

If you have questions regarding ITW Rippey Microclean F2™, please contact our customer service department at 916.939.4332

• Softer PVA Brush Reduces Microscratching
• More Hydrophilic To Repel Particles And Decrease Brush Loading
• Advanced Material Design Significantly Reduces Organic Residues
• Compatible With New Cu Cleaning Chemistries

• Superior PVA Brushes Specifically Engineered For Cu And Low-K
• Available For All Post-CMP Cleaning Tool Platforms
• Lowest Trace Metals As Determined By ICP/MS Analysis
• Preservation Methods Available - DHA/Oxalic, H2O2 , Ammonia

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